Saturday, October 9, 2010

Replacing DS touchscreens (part II): When it starts to go right but something else goes wrong

Last article in this series, I replaced a Nintendo DS touchscreen, but in doing so, broke the touchscreen connector (whoops).  I ordered a new connector from GoldenBridge, but surprisingly enough, they didn't ship it until two weeks after I placed the order!  So including the shipping time, the connector ended up taking nearly a month to get here.  GoldenBridge, no cookie for you!

Well, the connector finally arrived, and I took the DS and the connector to our weekly hackerspace meeting.

I don't have any pictures at present, but the good news is that I was able to desolder the connector from the board, and resolder on the new connector.  Took me a few goes, and use of flux and desolder wick and magnification, but I did it.

Only problem is, when I was reassembling the board, I broke the slider off the power switch.  Ouch!

I ordered a new power switch from DealExtreme, and when it arrived, I replaced the power switch.  Put it all back together and now I have a working Nintendo DS again.  I'm now out of danger of being disowned by the kids!

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  1. Hi Mitch, I'm working on an MRI-compatible touchpad that uses a resistive touchscreen. I've built a teensy-based interface (using teensyduino) that works well as a relative input device, like a track pad (see However, I'd like to convert this to an absolute coordinate system. Do you have any code that you can share? thanks!